The Benefits of Coffee Before Working-out

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The Benefits of Coffee Before Working-out

Starting your day with a fresh cup of coffee can do more than just wake you up and keep you going for the day.  Studies show that coffee, in moderation, can enhance your athletic performance, burn fat, boost energy, and much more. The effects of coffee can ‘improve circulation, increases in muscular strength, endurance, and power, plus reduced pain.’ Having a cup of coffee before your HIIT or CrossFit, can increase your energy and focus while minimizing that soreness after.

‘improve circulation, increases in muscular strength, endurance, and power, plus reduced pain.’

Coffee is also full of antioxidants, which can help reduce the look of inflammation, lower the risks of disease, and bring you more trips to the bathroom. Exercising one to two hours after having an espresso or a latte can boost your energy and it will give you the ability to exercise with more force and focus, and it helps bring the heart rate up. Typically drinking coffee forty-five minutes before a workout will give you the boost you need for a better performance during your workout.

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Along with helping your focus throughout the workout, coffee can bring more alertness and better cognitive function. Having that attentiveness to your workout can help with proper form for better performance, as well as helping you push through more reps with ease. Having that extra shift of energy can help you push yourself to achieve more sets, reps, and maybe some new exercises! Coffee boosts the rate at which your body uses its energy, therefore increasing your metabolism if that’s what you’re looking for. 

So the next time you’re having your favorite La Vela Coffee Roast, you can think of all the great benefits coffee brings you throughout your day and your workout.

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